Someday Never Comes

I was invited to participate in a number of interesting events over the rest of the year. All of them require significant travel and a bit of calendar magic to allow time for fulfilling my normal business commitments and client needs. Not to mention writing these missives which take way more time to prepare than most of you realize.

I love to travel and would like to accept these invitations, as they are all related to my work and even better will lead to great adventures and new stories.

But in a fit of indecision, I pushed the decisions off.

Luckily, soon after doing so I rummaged through the pile of article clippings, quotes and other material on my desk I found thought-provoking and want to think about again. These nuggets of wisdom jumped out at me.

“There are seven days in a week, and ‘someday’ is not one of them.”

“Whenever I hear that inner voice of hesitation…I step forward!”

“Wonderful people and amazing experiences have filled my life and continue to do so. I guess it is about daring to live.”

Such are the observations of Camilla Hilbrands, my friend and a wonderful consultant based in Denmark.

That did it. I’m stepping forward.  With a willingness of others to work with me on scheduling and a little calendar manipulation, I’m able to accept some of those invitations.

Think about opportunities that have appeared before you, both personal and business. Did you grab them? Or do you think back with regret about letting them go. Did you miss the chance to be employee number 14 at Google because you just couldn’t decide? Or are you still wondering why you didn’t accept your neighbor’s offer to drive his Porsche while he was out of the country for a few years?

Dare to live.

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