Time For A Clarity Break

It happened! My brain went blank. Four referrals to company founders over a few weeks. Clients calling with emergencies requiring my help…tomorrow. Requests for me to be a good board member and help raise some funds. Lots of scheduled client activities and associated travel. And my mother needing help moving in the middle of it all.

The result of all of this activity?  My brain’s circuit breakers popped, letting me know I need to cool down before I fry them permanently.

My regular readers know that the best way to cool down your brain circuits is to take a Clarity Break.  A Clarity Break, a time to turn down the intensity and clear your head. A time to–in my case–take a few really long solo walks through forest and dale without listening to a podcast or music. Just ruminating on the thoughts and ideas that appear in my head when it’s not working on anything in particular. And the sounds of the birds and the wind in the trees and the bullfrogs croaking their deep calls.

But before I go off into the woods, one last thing: I must remind you to take a Clarity Break as well, in whatever way works for you. As long as you empty your mind of the usual jumble of thoughts and give your brain a chance to relax, clear out all the detritus that builds up and clogs the circuits, and roam free. The most interesting ideas are likely to appear.

See you on the other side.

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