Random Requests

We all get them, those random requests to connect on LinkedIn from people we don’t know who want to leverage our connections for their benefit. We may just ignore them; we may take a closer look to figure out why they reached out before hitting the wonderful delete key. But sometimes when these come my way, something catches my attention. Hint: it is not one of LinkedIn’s canned “I want to connect” proposals. Here is a story of what happened recently when I received a random request that was accompanied by an engaging message.

This person had sent along a note that showed me he actually reviewed my profile and could indeed be a useful connection, so I responded.  This led to an interesting and entertaining exchange of emails including one in which I mentioned that I’m looking for funding for two companies: Artifact Technologies where I’m an active shareholder and board member and QuantumTek.Ag which I co-own.

To my amazement and great pleasure, I received a response that he might be able to help me. Several phone calls ensued.  I’m now talking to several prospective funders he’s friends with, each of whom is interested in both deals.

Before you get too excited for me, understand that “interested” means we’re in the early stages of the process of figuring out whether they will be so entranced by the excellent opportunities and my persuasive skill that they decide to invest. But I’m optimistic.

It’s an important attitude to have if you’re  an entrepreneur building a business and expecting other people to invest in it. I will let you know when the checks arrive.

This was far from the first time a random request led me to a terrific opportunity. My involvement with QuantumTek.Ag began this way. A year ago an email arrived from someone asking to talk to me because I was the only person he had found who was an EOS Implementer with EOS Worldwide and knew something about dairy farms. How could I refuse such an intriguing request?

Now a year later I am his partner and we are well on our way to automating dairy farms everywhere.

I’m often asked, “How do I get to this place where regular random requests appear that lead to intriguing possibilities?” It’s not that difficult. Do what I do.  Show interest in everything, talk to everyone, help them with their questions and problems—without asking for anything in return–pay attention always, add value, have fun, and keep an open mind.

And if you’re  interested in these two great investment opportunities I mentioned above, let’s connect! You too might become my partner and enjoy the great results that are coming.

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