“Many changes have happened at our company and we would love it if you could be available on Jan 16 to facilitate our quarterly meeting.”

”I have an idea I would like to explore with you. Let’s see if there is a way that we might collaborate on a Sustainable Development Goals project.”

These requests appeared in my email inbox in the last few weeks from clients I hadn’t heard from in at least a year.

In addition, during the same time period, I received several phone calls and a couple more emails from companies requesting help with everything from implementing EOS to advising their board on issues we’d discussed in the past.

It’s been quite a busy start to 2019. It seems that lots of business people made New Years’ resolutions to take steps to move their companies forward and the first step was to reach out to me. (for which I am grateful)

It encouraged me to make a New Years’ resolution myself. Mine is to build more time into my schedule to take Clarity Breaks. I know what you’re thinking. It doesn’t look  like this will be an easy resolution to keep given all the projects coming my way as the year begins. But as readers of this missive know, I view free time for Clarity Breaks as essential for everyone to enable them to work most effectively. Still, this resolution will be a challenge, as most are, but I’m determined to stick to it the entire year. (Anyone out there reading this who was thinking about reaching out to me but hasn’t managed to do it yet, act quickly. Just saying.)

Think about all the people who resolve to go on a diet until they lose 10 or 30 or maybe even 50 pounds. They take all the right first steps: they tell everyone their resolution, discuss it with nutritionists, and throw out all the candy and chips in their house. Some of them stick with it and lose the weight. But  most of them have forgotten about the diet by the time February rolls around.

Now, all those people who reached out to me…will they follow through or move on to other things? And do they run their business the same way?

How about you? What’s the fate of your New Years’ resolutions? Do you implement them better or worse than  you implement things you’d like to complete in your company? Or do both personal and business have a list of things not accomplished?

All it takes to achieve all of your personal resolutions and business goals is focus, persistence, and holding yourself accountable.

Have a very successful year. Complete all of them.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. The comment form is waiting…

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