Clear Out The Clutter

Here was my Father’s Day weekend: up at 2:30 Friday morning so I could make a flight at 5. Off to Artifact Technology board duties on Whidbey Island, floating in Puget Sound. Redeye back four days later. So much for a relaxing weekend.

But wait! Whidbey Island. A place of enchantment covered in beautiful forests and parklands and edged by colorful rocky cliffs and beach. Filled with interesting tiny towns and creative people.

A perfect place for a Clarity Break!

I blocked out Saturday afternoon completely for myself. For a walk through the woods and along a rocky shore. For a glass of Helix Cabernet Sauvignon at a small restaurant I happened upon. For gazing at the waves breaking on the shore while a cargo ship sailed slowly up the channel.

Whidbey Island. Rabbits and deer grazing on the lush grass growing along the forest edge and in clearings. Eagles squawking up in the trees. I heard there were whales wandering by but got nary a glance at one, but I did enjoy watching the numerous seabirds riding the winds and diving into the sea…some to return with fish in beak.

My mind cleared… and made way for new ideas. I found myself smiling as these ideas took shape and developed into solutions for thorny issues I’d been pondering. Fully energized, I returned to my board duties. It seems being a board member of a company based on Whidbey Island, in addition to being great fun, is an excellent opportunity for a rejuvenating Clarity Break.

Clarity Break: a time to leave the world behind, clear out the clutter filling up your head, and let your thoughts run free. For most of you I figure your next Clarity Break is well past due. Take it. Soon. You owe it to yourself…and your company and those around you.

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  1. And the islanders appreciated your visit. We’ll tell the whales they missed an opportunity to meet you. (They’re around here somewhere. Where did we put them? They’re big enough, you think we wouldn’t lose them…)

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