My travels take me around the world to visit clients, speak at meetings, meet with government officials, and generally get to see the way things operate in different cultures.  Due to the kinds of things I do, I have the added benefit of speaking with people from all walks of life and wandering into places that most people never get to visit.

It has led me to think quite a bit about the factors that lead to success that are common throughout the world.  I’ve noticed that it’s really quite simple: Pay Attention · Add Value · Have Fun. 

One of the most important aspects of success built into this tag line is commitment.  I’ve noticed that wherever I go and whatever the business or organization is doing, those with fully committed people starting with the leader and including absolutely everyone else are invariably the most successful.

The odd thing is how many companies don’t seem to understand this.  They hire without any consideration of commitment, they manage in ways that decrease commitment, they show no commitment to their customers, vendors, communities, or anyone else…and then wonder why they have unending problems and lackluster results.

Committed people are driven to make it work. 

As Goethe said, “the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.”

Make your life easier and your business more successful…get providence on your side.

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