As I sat to write this Tuesday’s missive, I realized that there is nothing in particular worth writing about that caught my attention this past week. Sometimes nothing happens. It’s a nice break for you brain. And your brain does need a break sometimes. Some time when it is just running in idle with nothing stressing the gears and pressing the gas pedal to the floor.

So I thought I’d just give you a few things to think about. A few thoughts to ponder which actually are pondered best when your brain is running in idle.  Idle doesn’t just give your brain a break from the heavy lifting, it actually is the place where many good ideas are hiding. One odd thing about this is that research has shown that a couple of drinks often leads to innovative thinking.

Notice that I said a couple of drinks, not getting plastered.  Just enough alcohol flowing around the brain to put it into idle. To release some inhibitions and let thoughts fly free without the brakes that normally keep you on the straight and narrow.

This leads me to give you an assignment, a first for this blog. Put your brain in idle, however you do that. You might try a glass or two of wine per the aforementioned comment about alcohol. Or you might go sit in your favorite coffehouse with a nice blank pad of paper in front of you. Or perhaps a walk in whatever place calms your spirit.

Forget about your business and all its problems and opportunities. Ignore your issues list including all those things that need your attention. Put your brain in idle.

Now read through the following list that you have so cleverly printed out and brought with you. Just read through it to remind your brain of these ideas. Then throw the printout away, ignore what you just read, and let your brain run free.

Less is more. Simplicity and focus on the few critically important issues are drivers of success. Pay attention always and notice difference. Beware of confirmation bias, divestiture aversion, and the fact that all too often success is a driver of failure. Fear routine but revere quality and consistency. Be accountable always. Listen intensely. Speak only when you have something to say.


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