Rejuvenate Your Thinking…Let Your Mind Roam Free

The year is ending.

The year is beginning.

This happens around this time on a regular basis. Each and every time it does we’re all inundated by people telling us how to review the year now ending and prepare for the year to come. Some talk about personal growth and renewal. Others urge reflection on your business and preparation for what is ahead.  A lot of advice is ladled out on how to survive the parties and keep your waistline from expanding.

Lots and lots of people tell you how you can be a better you.

Regular readers of my musings about business probably expect to hear something similar from me. Frankly, I thought about it. As you surely surmise, I have an opinion on all of these things. And then I thought about how I’d much rather spend these last days of the year relaxing and giving my mind a rest.

So I decided to take a clarity break…and offer you the same option. Clarity break: a time to clear your mind and let it roam free to contemplate what it will. A time to empty your head of all the garbage that’s piled up and free it from the constraints of all the things you’re worrying about. A time to be by yourself unencumbered by the demands of others.

Go off by yourself, and…

Spend hours just sitting in a Starbucks. With your laptop at home.

Walk in solitude and contemplate nature. With your phone turned off.

Forget your worries as you do whatever it is that lets your mind escape the confines of your daily concerns.

This short note is my farewell until January. Enjoy your clarity break. I’ll certainly be enjoying mine.

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