There is a Stefan Sagmeister show at the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania. It is his first museum show in the United States. I must admit I had no idea who he is until I wandered in.  I’ll leave you to find out yourself by using the link to take a look.

The exhibit is quite interesting and really stretches your thinking as you walk through the recesses of his mind. 

I like the ICA since it has no permanent exhibit but is a small space totally dedicated to a revolving series of shows by contemporary artists.  It is always mindbending to wander through. It often is uncomfortable. Sometimes it is entertaining, sometimes disgusting, sometimes humorous, but always thought provoking.

It is a great place to open your mind to new ideas and get yourself thinking in new ways about old things.

That title up there at the beginning of this missive was written on the wall as were a number of other thought provoking ideas.  I was particularly drawn to this one as it has so much relevance to management and leadership.  And it is so often forgotten or ignored by those aspiring to become leaders…or worse, by those pretending to be leaders.

All you do is noticed. Its impact is noticed. Your actions…and reactions are noticed. What you ignore is noticed and what you focus on is noticed. And what is noticed is remembered and affects those who notice.

And it does come back to you, positively and negatively.

What amazes me is how many in positions of leadership seem to ignore this truth. It all comes back to you. You really do need to think before acting.  Each and every action you take leaves ripples that follow you forever and guide the actions of others…and the way they think of you.

These ripples create the reality around you and this reality leads to your success…or failure.

It’s not about trying to look good. Or, as Sagmeister also says “trying to look good limits my life.” It’s about acting appropriately and never thinking it doesn’t matter what you do. It always matters.

People are watching. And their actions are guided by what they see. And if what they see is what you do…it always does come back to you.


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